Chet & Waveney Valley Vineyard

The vineyard is easily accessible: whether you are travelling on the X2 bus from Norwich bus station to Thurton and then walking to the vineyard; or taking the 570 Anglian bus from John Lewis in Norwich which travels to the door of the winery; or are using the car to drive along the A146 to turn off at Thurton and follow signs. The vineyard is great to visit by Bicycle and is a nine-mile trip from Norwich. John says “I ride through Trowse up the Route 1 cycle route but turn off to cross the A146 into Bergh Apton. I pass through Bergh Apton Street and past the Church and there are the posts of the vineyard ahead on the left.  Traveling further up the road is the winery and Anteros Arts Centre just past the Sunnyside junction on the left behind the Harriers farmhouse.“


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Chet & Waveney Valley Vineyard

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Contact: John Hemmant

Mere Farm House

White Heath Road

Bergh Apton

Norwich, NR15 1AY

Telephone: 01508 333 002